Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Big Scare For Me

As reported earlier today, I went downtown to capture the festivities of the parade. I was there for about 3 hours.

Downtown is a small area and it was a zoo, to put it mildly. Streets blocked off and traffic everywhere. I was glad I took the motorscooter or I would never have gotten through. I found a parking spot with no problem and noted where I was parked. On the corner of the Osorio Hardward Store, across from Cafe Cito. Two places I am very familiar with.

When I was finished with pictures and such, I returned to my scooter. Except there was no scooter there! Somebody had stolen it!!! I never turn and lock the handlebars. Hardly anybody does when parking downtown. If somebody needs to move your bike, they can do it. But they always put it back where it was or maybe one spot forward or backwards.

There was a policeman standing on the corner where I had parked and he spoke English. I explained my dilemna to him and he was very, very helpful. (Imagine my surprise!) Since he was working traffic on that corner, he called for back up to come. Another really nice policeman from the Tourist Police branch came. We decided to walk around and look for my scooter. It is very distinctive because I put hologram stickers of sharks, stripes and even stars all over it. Trust me, there are about 150 scooters on the island that would otherwise look just like mine.

We finally found it. It was three blocks down and one block over. Nothing damaged. It is a mystery as to how it got there. Maybe a prank? Who knows. I am just glad we found it and even happier that the police were so cooperative and helpful.

I think next time we are broken into I will go make a report with the Tourist Police. They seem to care.


calypso said...

Wayne - maybe someone left it there to see if it would be an 'issue' - if not take it away in a day or two?

Whatever the case - I am glad you recovered it - not good for the heart ;-(

Have a great rest of the Holiday - drink a few beers or a couple margaritas (and read my Blog) ;-)


rose said...

love the picture of you with panco villa. yall look exactly alike! makes me homesick. sorry about the scooter. see you dec 19th. hugs and kisses.
san antonio rose and ady

Brenda said...

Strange thing to have happen, glad you found it and it was alright.

wayne said...

I think John is pretty close to the truth. It may have been moved so that whoever did it could come back later and strip it for parts. Just glad I got it back and I will never leave the handlebars unlocked again!