Thursday, November 15, 2007


Need I say more? *

*EDIT: Two days later. This boat was rescued after first being surrounded by those floating things to contain fuel spillage. None spilled but 500 gallons of fuel had to be removed. Our paper Por Esto reported that this boat was manned by five Columbians coming from Florida and is of American registry. They evidently hit the rocks that stick out past the Avalon Resort and ripped a hole in the front. Rather than sink in deep water, they made a dash of the last 100 yards to shallow water and purposely grounded themselves. The Captain is being questioned as to why he was so close to these rocks.


Jonna said...

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wayne said...

Jonna: I have a few rules about my blog.

1. I don't blog on Sunday.
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Of course, if it is important to me, I will sometimes break #1, but not often. Even though I enjoy reading what other people say in their meme's, I decided on month one of blogging not to do that. Just a personal decision. Sorry.