Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Watering Hole

Let's take a more in depth tour of my favorite watering hole downtown. The official name is La Adelita's Tequileria. But we just call it either Adelita's, Carlos' or Pattys'. Carlos is our friend and head waiter there. Patty is the owner. We started visiting this place as soon as it opened. That was a little over six years ago and we were still tourists. Six years, by the way, is a very long time for any tourist based business to stay open here. Most of them never survive their first year through the low season.

I showed you this view from a different angle a few days ago. This is "our" table. It is right in front of the working, wall fountain. There is a ceiling fan right over it and, as you can see, when it is really hot they bring out a floor fan to blow on us. In this picture, "my" seat is on the upper left. This table affords one of the best views of the street and people passing by. As a bonus, it is the furthest table with a view away from the band next door.

The band next door specializes in rock and rock and salsa. They aren't really that bad but they have been playing the same songs over and over for so many years, I can hardly stomach them anymore. Mostly I am able to just tune them out. I guess I can't blame them. They hardly ever play to the same audience two nights in a row.

Just to the right of the above picture and heading back into the bar area is this wall.

It is a Tequilaria after all. They have hundreds of bottles scattered around the place. Probably any Tequila you could wish for is here. They even have stuff that is $35 US per shot! Oh, they have the "Scorpion Tequila" too. I would never drink it but I know people who have.

That table in front is the special Tequilas. You can have your choice of any two shots of any one featured for 55 pesos. There are some good ones there but some really, really bad ones too. I very rarely drink Tequila. Mostly I stick to beer. I know what I am getting with that.

Across from the great Tequila wall is this shrine.

It has been burning everynight for six years. The wax used to go all the way to the floor and formed a great puddle of wax. It was stunning. However, about two months ago, a very drunk Japanese tourist was trying to take a picture of it and lost his balance. He caught himself on the curtain of wax and broke it off. So now they have trimmed it to make it look as good as possible. Eventually it will be a thing of great interest again.

Finally, here is the bar area itself. We used to walk by here every night on our way to dinner while it was being built. We thought those broken mirror pieces were really tacky back then. But now that it is all complete, they actually look nice and really brighten the place up.

If you ever come to the island, look for me here first!


Andee said...

I was going to leave a comment, but I can't think of anything to say.The wax hill is certainly different, as it the broken mirror barfront. Very crative decor.I can easily imagine you sitting in your chair, and possibly selling alacrones to the owner for use in various special drinks.

Anonymous said...

great looking place-i almost wrote you about it last time you mentioned it but didn't get around to it. how nice to have your own table ;-) now i know where to find you. i would feel right at home there. my middle name is adela. thank God i was born on St. Teresa's Day or adela would have been my first name-obviously i don't like it, but i do like adelita and a lot of my relatives used to call me that.

too bad about the wax being broken off. that looks pretty cool-i didn't realize what it was until i read about it.

i couldn't find your e-mail. since i won't be backapcking in mexico for years, i guess i don't really need the info now. but here is my e-mail address. if you ever care to e-mail me, feel free to do so.

enjoy your wonderful weather. it was 20 deg. as i went on my hour long walk this morning-at least the wind wasn't howling.

well, i must get ready for work.