Thursday, November 01, 2007

Life is a Gas....or not!

B baked bread yesterday. (see, I really don't stand a chance around here!) He ended up switching from the regular oven to the toaster oven though. We ran out of gas again! (actually I wrote the date on it when when we got it filled. April 30, 2007 so not too bad I guess) So the tank is all unhooked, loaded in the car and ready to go. We have to go down to the ferry and try to catch it when it unloads. I sure hope they will just change out the tank then and there. We'll see.

In other news, take a look at these:

These are some of the things I have been working on. They are stocking caps for my brother, his wife and my nephew and niece in Michigan. Kind of a thank you present for all the crap he does for me from afar.

I could only work on them outside because B is allergic to wool. These are various blends of wool, mohair and/or llama. The top one is yarn I spun, dyed and now have made something out of, finally! They should go in the mail on Saturday. I have to mail a surprise package to someone on that day anyway. Kill two birds with one trip to Cancun!

I just read in the news this morning that the state of Tabasco is 70% covered with water due to massive flooding from heavy rains there. Major, major damage to crops and people are homeless all over the State. I'm not overly fond of Tabasco, having been almost burned alive there once, but still. What is going on in the World with all this weather?


Anonymous said...

those are beautiful wayne! and to think that you made them from scratch (not sure if that term is used for anything other than cooking, but you know what i mean) you are very talented. i, on the other hand have never been good with any type of craft. oh well.

have a great day!

Andee said...

Hi, I like the hats. The colors plus the one from hand-dyed/hand spun wool. That's really impressive.

The flooding in Tabasco is horrible. I have an image of State from reading your travel blog. Those poor people.

It seems weird they don't deliver gas on Isla Mujeres. We have a couple of gas trucks a daycoming around. Plus youcan call and they will come in 15 or 20 minutes.

Maybe because you are on an island?