Thursday, November 01, 2007

G(rrrrrr)as Update

So we're at the ferry this morning in plenty of time for the 9 AM landing. We unloaded the tank and set it in front of our car. So that it would be clearly visible. We watched as a Z Gas truck off loaded and pulled over to the other side of the parking lot. The only trouble was, there were no gas tanks on it. None at all.

I walked over and talked to the driver. I was astonished, astonished I tell you, to hear that they have implemented yet another new system. They now come over three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday to pick up and deliver tanks. So we have to go back tomorrow, give them our tank, they will take it to Cancun and then bring it back NEXT MONDAY! (yes, I am shouting now!) There will be some creative cooking going on around here, let me tell you.

And no, in case you are wondering, he would not take my tank with him today. I never did figure out why they came over with a big empty truck then.

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