Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Farewell Dillum

We became really good friends with Dillum after Hurricane Wilma. We knew him before that as one of the waiters downtown. He recently left the island to pursue his fortunes in Canada.

Our best friend, Carlos, and Dillums' too, stopped by last night. We knew something was wrong when we answered the door and this usually cheerful young man was sobbing. Between sobs, we got the following story out of him.

It appears that Dillum was sightseeing with some friends in the mountains of eastern Canada this weekend. While having his picture taken, he stepped too far and plunged 300 meters (over 900 feet) to his death. What a tragedy. He was just barely 27 years old.

Now comes the awful part of getting his body back to his home in the Yucatan. We have no idea how or when that will be accomplished.

Dillum, your contagious laugh and your happy-go-lucky spirit will be missed. Rest in peace my friend.


Brenda said...

So sad.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am so sorry for your loss. What a terrible week you guys have had. I am so sorry.

I hope you find something to do that will fill your hearts.

The "bringing home for burial" piece might not be possible or make sense. Oh god, that's horrible.

Take care of yourselves. Andee

Anonymous said...

What a tragic loss. I'm so very sorry. It's devastating to lose a loved one, especially at such a young age. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all his family and friends.

God bless,


wayne said...

Thank you one and all. We still can't believe that he is gone and in such a foolish way. We have heard that the investigation is now over and that they have released his body. He will be returned to the Yucatan for burial on Friday. It is all just so very sad.