Monday, October 15, 2007

Almost Sleepless NIght

I was right. Not much sleep last night. I finally tried going to bed around 12:30 AM but I just lie/lay/laid there. At one point one of the cats jumped up onto one of the front porch chairs and I was out of bed and at the window faster than Spiderman can spin a web! Finally, at approximately 2:17 AM, the rains came. I remember thinking that only a fool would go out in a storm like that and finally fell asleep.

We just tried calling our aluminum guy and he answered the phone! I explained the problem with the window, that it is off it's sliding track and now the rain just pours in. Plus the cabana is not safe. He said he will be here in 15 minutes. I hope so.

P.S. I thought about this a lot yesterday and I am not going to keep going on and on about this. Even though this one has hit me hard. When everything is fixed, I will let you know. Otherwise, tomorrow it is back to cheerful stuff!


el oso said...

YOur experience with breakins is terrible. I am fortunate that in almost 20 years, with the house vacant a lot, I have never had a breakin. It has to do with the closeness of my mexican neighbors and my obvious lack of anything worth stealing.

When thinking about this one time, I went and conversed with the chief of police. I asked him. "If someone broke into my house while I was there, what would happen if I killed him." His response " well there would be a lot of paperwork."

el oso

Anonymous said...

just discovered your blog on sat. while reading andee's blog. i am thoroughly enjoying it but am very sorry about the break ins. it must be terribly frustrating not being able to depend on the police for help. thank God they took nothing but toilet paper and detergent this time. wish i had some good advice but unfortunately, i don't. my husband said you should get a doberman, but i know you don't want a dog.

by the way, i looked up some of your old entries and i loved the cat video-it's hilarious! i have 2 cats so can really relate.

i'm surprised you hadn't heard about mamey till your trip to akil. i thought it was a popular fruit there but i must have been thinking of papaya. i'm originally from cuba and i loooove batido de mamey! i think the word for milkshake in mexico is liquados.

take care,
teresa (

wayne said...

Oso, that's nice to know. I'm not sure I would kill anybody but they might get a good smack upside the head with a baseball bat! I didn't think I had anything worth stealing either. But if people will steal a roll of toilet paper, who knows?

Teresa, always glad to welcome a new reader! Especially one who leaves comments!

Nancy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your break in....

But at least I can give you an easy way to remember whether it's lay or lie.

"You lay things down, you lie down yourself."

Take care


Anonymous said...

Of course, I don't really have a pistol, but I occasionally make jokes around here about using one on the bad guys. Jet skiers, drunken moto drivers, general as....oles. I can see some of the men don't believe me when I say "Just kidding, I don't have a gun". I'm glad if they think I have one. I have bars on my windows and doors. And my place is the second floor, so I feel sort of secure. Of course, anyone can get into one of these buildings if they really want to.

Good luck. I am sorry about the break-ins and your friend. Really sorry. That's so terrible.


Jonna said...

delurking (although my partner Mimi commented the other day) to tell you that I'm also really sorry to hear about your break-ins. It's so frustrating and such a violation. I keep thinking you should come up with some kind of clever booby trap. Something that would mark them, like a can of paint over the door maybe. I'd also want to get a paint gun, think how satisfying it would be to shoot them with it and leave a huge yellow splotch across their chest. I'm laughing just thinking about it, might scare the beejesus out of them too, a bonus.

We're over in Akumal (and now Merida too) and I know they sell paint gun supplies in Playa, no doubt in Cancun as well. I think you need to set a trap for them and do something that will be vicious but not lethal. Maybe save up all the stuff from the cat box, add water and put it in one of those super soaker water guns. That would take awhile to get over.

I enjoy your blog, maybe we'll take the ferry over someday and meet you for a drink.