Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Peek Inside

I bet every home owner reading this blog has lived through the experience of either remodeling their house or building their house. And probably have as many horror stories to tell about the experience as I do. Today isn't about what went wrong. It's about how it all works out in the end. (see! positive posting again!) I thought I would give you a very mini tour today.

This is the only picture I have of the main bathroom before. Actually, it is during! I did not want the workers using their skills on something as mundane as peeling old tile off the wall, so I did that job myself. Let me tell you, they were quite shocked that I was willing to do that. I suppose it was one of many little shocks they got during the whole remodel process! It was harder than I thought because I was trying to keep as many of the old tiles in one piece as possible. I knew that I would be able to find a home for them somewhere. And I did. And anyway, I've never liked blue bathrooms.

Here's how it finally turned out. What you can't see is that we stole 3' from the end of the existing shower to make a linen closet. The shower area is still 4' x 5'. Can you tell I like the look of Talavera! Notice the niche for shampoos. That was the abaniles (sic) idea. I had never even thought about where I was going to put all those bottles. Clever man. The tile ledge in the corner was my idea. I have rods and screws in my back and can't bend over to dry my legs and feet. This solves that problem quite nicely.

Even I was amazed to look at the picture below. This was taken right after we moved in. This furniture now graces the cabana living room. Notice how the wiring was all run on the outside of the walls. And no front window! Just three lines of glass blocks for light. That wall faces the ocean and that's where all the breeze comes from. That door leads to the front porch which you have all seen in many pictures.

Here's what that same room looks like now. As of last Thursday anyway. I took pictures right after O had cleaned! Notice the rug we bought recently in Oaxaca. That sure took up a lot of space in the little car! We have the same kind of door in the back of the house. Those window slats are what the burglar pried out to gain entrance.

Finally something a little different but still fits with this theme. This what my view from the second floor balcony was like when I moved in.
This is the same view after Mr. Asshole built his house next door. This is not the reason why I dislike him though. Although it would be a good one!


Anonymous said...

Nice job on the renos. I sure would hate someone building that close to me also.

{Medicine Hat Alberta Canada}

Brenda said...

Very nice. Man, no wonder you don't like Mr. A....e!!!

wayne said...

Thanks to both of you. That wall isn't the reason I dislike Mr. A. I knew eventually somebody would build on that lot. It's his whole attitude I dislike immensely. Mexicans are only on this island to build houses and wait on tables and I am a rich Gringo sort of thing. He thinks his merde has no bad odor!