Thursday, September 06, 2007

Cactus Flowers

This is one of the cactii in the cactus garden in front of the cabana. I don't know its' name. I guess I really don't care either. It is very prolific though. Every once in awhile I have to pull some of it out. Like most cactii, if a piece of it lands on the ground, it just starts growing. You don't have to plant it or do anything special.

I find the flowers on this one really weird. Almost freaky.

They start out looking like some giant pod thing. I don't get too close to them at this stage. I keep thinking they are going to open up and shoot some kind of deadly spore on me. Like that pod people movie from the 1950's.

They are really big flowers once opened. I don't know if they smell or not since I am afraid to put my nose down next to them! I expect they would smell like meat though. Flies and ants love them.
They are interesting though. When they are blooming I am always seeing passerbys stopping to take a look and sometimes a picture of them.

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Brenda said...

Hi, I think that if you look at this link, (not sure how to post a link here so sorry you will have to use copy and paste), you might be able to identify this plant. He has a plant that I would say is pretty close to being the same.
The flowers look a little different; but the plant itself looks much the same.
Maybe you shouldn't bend down and smell it as its common name is "Carrion Plant". lol Hope this helps.