Monday, August 27, 2007

This and That

I feel like I have been drugged this morning. Could it be a hangover? B and I went downtown for Happy Hour, dinner and to visit with friends that we haven't seen since Dean but know are always around downtown. Over the course of 3.5 hours, I consumed 5 bottles of beer. Not enough to make me feel this wiped out. Or maybe my tolerance is just down.

On the homefront, L left Saturday morning for Mexico City. He starts a two week tour of Mexico from there. He has to train a new tour leader on this route since it used to be his. He will be going to Tasco, Oaxaca, San Cristobal, Palenque, Merida, Chichen Itza, Isla Mujeres and then ending in Playa del Carmen. All by bus and with a backpack and 13 people in tow. Lucky him!

I finished my last jigsaw puzzle yesterday. Now what am I going to do! I bought all two of the Charles Wysockis ones that I found at WalMart. There are some good puzzles over at Plaza las Americas but they start at $30 USD! Don't think I'll be buying any of those soon. Sure wish I could use eBay here. There are some great ones for sale there.

I have to mow the grass in front of the cabana soon. It is getting very long from all the rain we have been getting. My mower is an electric weed whip. It's not one of my favorite chores to do so I keep putting it off until it really is a chore!

I see Blogger now says we can upload videos directly. Watch out if that is true! I did notice yesterday that Brenda, over at Brenda and Roy Going to Mexico, said she tried to use this feature and could not get it to work. Mmmmm. If she can't figure it out, not much hope for me!

Ok, guess I will end this boring little post, get another cup of coffee and check the weather satellites. Sure hope I continue to see NOTHING!


Brenda said...

Go ahead and give it a try. The process is EASY. It seemed to load; but then gave me an error message. So it could just have been a glitch that day. It could be that the day I tried it, it was having a bad day LOL. I am sure that they will get the bugs out of it and it will work eventually. I will keep trying and see what happens. It would be nice and easy to do it right there instead of embeding videos from YouTube,etc..

Brenda said...

Just tried the video uploader again and got the same error message. If you try it and get it to work let me know.

Debbie said...

Hi Wayne, I sell on ebay sometimes not sure why you cant get them down there but, I could help you out if you found some that you liked really well. Please do try to post some more videos I enjoy reading and watching everything that you blog about. Have a great Day!

wayne said...

Thanks for the offer Debbie. The problem isn't buying something from eBay. The problem is actually getting it here. I would never trust the Mexican mail and the cost of FedEx for a puzzle would be exhorbitant, I'm sure.