Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday update

Saturday night is a big deal downtown here. Mexicans work six days a week; Sunday being their only day off. Thus a lot of young people are out and about. It is great fun to sit and watch them parade by. The guys with their hair forced into the most imaginative styles and so hard with gel I bet not even a hurricane could move it! And always one hand pulling their pants up since they wear them so damn low. The girls with their clothing so tight one wonders how they can even breath. And the shoes! Every form of high heel ever created is on display.

But not last night. Hardly a local soul to be seen downtown. I guess they have other things on their minds and other things to do right now. No time for the courting strut downtown.

I was surprised by the number of tourists still on the island though. The evacuation order for all tourists has gone out and they were leaving by the boatload yesterday. I certainly would not voluntarily hang around waiting for a hurricane if I didn't have to!

We saw many of our friends though last night. Every last one of them is taking this seriously and has done something to prepare. Our friend Carlos ran out of food while Wilma was hanging overhead in 2005 and he learned his lesson. He proudly reported that he has 4(!) cans of tuna stored away, just in case. We congratulated him on his foresightfullness.

I drove around yesterday taking more before pictures. I was impressed that every where I went somebody was busy doing something to get ready. I was also glad that we did our shopping and stocking up last Thursday. Lines were a mile long for things like water and gas. You couldn't even get into our tiny grocery store. I bet the shelves are empty today. We have heard that they are going to shut the electricity off tonight. Kind of early I think and I hope they don't. We'll see. I only have a two hour battery in my laptap. The spares were all stolen during the break in. I guess I will have to be careful and save my energy for posting. If we still have telephone lines that is.

One final thing. CFE, the Mexican electric company, has really gotten their act together. Just north of us, in an empty field, they have been stockpiling new power poles, spools of cable and those glass insulators. They have also brought over giant generators. If something happens, they are going to be ready to hit the ground running. I am so impressed.

Here is the view if you are standing on my front porch. See what I mean by being close to the


Debbie said...

Hi Wayne. I been reading your blog daily and have also been keeping close track on the hurricane. I dont really know that much about hurricanes and how bad it can be I have lived in Kansas all my life, but I just want you to know you are in my prayers. Be safe, Debbie

Brenda said...

The shoes, LOL. How do they walk in those things?? My feet would be killing me in 2 seconds. Also the tight clothing in this heat, can't figure that out either, it is soooo much cooler to wear loose clothing; but then I guess loose clothing is not as appealing to the other sex!!
4 cans of tuna--glad he stocked up!!
Stay safe.