Monday, August 20, 2007

So far, so good

7:00 pm. Almost dark. Winds gusting about 63 MPH. Surge approaching the road in front of the house, but not worrying yet. Waves have increased from maybe 2 feet high to over 6 feet high in the last 15 minutes. Radar shows the entire peninsula covered by the leading edge of Dean. The power of these waves is incredible. I bet there will be some good shells on the beach tomorrow!

Make no mistake. This is a scary time but no where near what we thought we would be dealing with. From what I see on internet news sights and CNN cable, the news media is making it seem a lot worse than it is. At least here. Of course, the eye isn't ashore yet.

I am amazed that we still have electricity and telephone service. Hopefully it will stay on all night. Once the phone lines go down, we are totally in the dark as to what is going on.

We spent the afternoon at P's house, keeping her company. She refuses to come spend the night with us, preferring to stay alone in her house. She is safe, but still I worry about her.

Ok, out to the porch to look at the waves. They are just awesome. It will be totally dark soon and I won't be able to see them. Only hear them and that is awful!


Anonymous said...

Hey Wayne,

Thanks for keeping us abreast of what's happening. We are in Florida - have been frequent visitors to Isla and concerned. Glad you're OK. Hopefully, won't get much worse. Reading with great interest. Keep us posted!


Anonymous said...

Wayne - Glad all is OK with you. Have been reading message board from Belize: Look for the "here comes dean" thread. Expecting eye to go just north of them. Pretty interesting. Stay safe. Would enjoy photos whenever you can.

Jan in Oregon

Billie said...

Let us know as soon as possible how you are after the storm. I know it may take a while for utilities to be up and working again. But I'm thinking about you. Stay safe.

Hollito said...

I'm happy to see that this monster missed you. Hope you will not have any damage.

Good luck! Hollito