Thursday, August 09, 2007

Random happenings

Had to vacate the premises again this morning. Ofelia's day to clean. She brought us more cuttings from her garden. She is such a sweetie. She loves to garden and checks out all of our plants before starting to clean the house. Today she discovered a huge nest of ants in a plant we just bought yesterday. She came in the house, got the can of Casa y Jardin, seguro con su familia (house and garden bug spray, safe for your entire family) and sprayed those buggers until I could hardly breathe.

Got an email yesterday from our friend who is coming to visit and staying with us. Said "see you in 24 hours". WTF??? We thought he was arriving Saturday. We screwed it up somehow and he is arriving this afternoon! He's the guy bringing down a new computer for B to replace the one those dirty, rotten burglars got. So off to the ferry to pick him up around 2pm. It will be good to have him here.

We were at our favorite watering hole, La Adelita's, last night and a strange thing happened. The waiter there also happens to be a very good friend. Another waiter from another restaurant brought him a "to go" box of food. Our friend, Carlos, immediately took it out front to a table on the street and just left it. This table is out of sight of the owner who works the cash register behind the bar. Every once in awhile Carlos would go to the table, with a fork he kept hidden in his pocket, and scarf down several mouthfuls of food. He was trying to eat so that the owner would not see. I asked him about this and he put his finger to his lips Evidently they don't get paid to eat and have to sneak time to do it.

I found this very, very upsetting. We are friends with the owner also, have been to her house in Cancun and visit with her family alot. But I was very angry with her last night and had to keep reminding myself that it is a different culture and not to interfere. These guys start their day at 5pm. They have to totally set up the place every night, bringing all the tables and chairs from inside to outside. Then they are there working until usually 2 or 3 in the morning! All this time they are not allowed a break or a supper hour! Can you imagine that in the USA?

And what do these guys get paid for this 9 or 10 hour shift? 80 pesos. Not per hour. Per day! And tips of course. They are just happy to have a job and some kind of income. Especially during this slow time of year.

I'll keep my opinions of this to myself while downtown, but don't you just find it incredible?!

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