Monday, August 20, 2007

Here we go!

Dean continues to track to the south of us. Very good news for us but not for the poor people in the way of the eye. We are probably going to get the tropical storm winds but not sure how strong they will be. We will finish boarding up our house this afternoon and move all the potted plants indoors. I also have two pans of kitty litter on hand. The cats will definitely be in the house with us!

Already when I got up this morning there was a significant change in the ocean. It is loosing its' brilliant blue color and turning green. The waves are coming in on top of each other, hardly any spacing between them. They are about two feet tall at this point. Still early. The beach looks like just before a tidal wave though. The water is being sucked out before it turns and comes back in. I think that is the surge effect starting.

If I can, I will post again later. Wish us luck!

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