Monday, July 30, 2007

What's that smell?

We live at the bottom of a hill. Not a very big one, but a hill all the same. When it rains, water pours down these streets, collects on the road and eventually spills over to the beach and ocean. I noticed this same sort of thing happening yesterday, except it wasn't raining. And it stunk. Raw sewage kind of stink.

What I was seeing was the sewer drains on the next road over overflowing. All that water out there was sewage! Well, at least the black water part. The stench was overwhelming. It didn't take long for Aquacan, the local water company, to send out a truck and they dropped a hose down the sewer drain and pumped it clean. Problem solved. Or so we thought.

Several hours later I started to smell it again. I looked out at the street, and sure enough, more water collecting on the road! Only this time it was coming from a different direction. I stepped down off the porch to have a better look. The water was coming from my neighbor's house! Evidently the sewers have backed up enough, and his backflow thingy was overflowing. I know that is not a very good description but I don't know what to call it. Kind of like a cistern for black water.

I waited for several hours for Aquacan to show up again. Nothing. Cars were slowing down to go through the big puddle of water now spreading completely across the road. I even saw the police drive through it. Wouldn't you think they would notice that something was wrong and radio Aquacan or something? Nooooooooo, that would be like actually doing something!

Finally I drove to another Aquacan station that I know is manned on Sundays and explained the problem to him. Fifteen minutes later the truck was back and pumping again. It looks like this time they got it empty enough that the problem may be solved.

Since it was our neighbor's cistern/septic thing that was overflowing, we highly suspect that he is putting his toilet paper in the toilet. A big, nay giant, no-no here. The city sewer pipes are just way to old and small to handle paper. Since this guy is just one giant asshole to begin with, I suspect he uses copious amounts of paper also! I'll be glad when his little visit to his three story ugly intrusive island getaway mansion complete with hot tub and bar on the roof is over and he gets his ass off the island.

Can you tell I don't like him?

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John W said...

Way to go, Wayne! Tell it like it is.