Saturday, July 28, 2007

More This and That

I reported earlier that our door was finally fixed. I was wrong. I forgot that we had an extra dead bolt yet to be installed. Our wooden back door is quite different for Mexico. It is a Dutch type door. The top and bottom open separately. We were using surface sliding bolts to keep the top half closed but we now have a dead bolt on that also. More keys to take care of. Our carpenter (who is also a friend) arrived at 4pm yesterday to install it. And, of course, he had his family in tow. I was really grumpy yesterday so it was quite a strain dealing with two little rowdy boys and his wife who never shuts up and says the most stupid things. The whole process took an hour.

I had to go to the bank downtown yesterday to make a deposit. I had been trying to do this all week. There is usually a line for the tellers that tells me I will have over an hour wait so I have just been checking back at various times everyday. When I stopped yesterday, there were only 2 people in line! I got in line and waited for my turn. And waited. And waited. There were six people milling around in the teller area behind the glass. Talking, laughing, looking at stuff on computers. Anything but wait on customers! Only one teller was actually open and working. It took me 35 minutes of waiting to do my two minute transaction. While waiting, I thought of something I had read in one of the Mexican ex-pat blogs about waiting.

This woman, in her blog, made the observation that it is such a shame that people have to wait for needlessly long times in lines here. It happens everywhere, no matter what the business. This is time that the people waiting in line could be spending at their own jobs, time spent learning something, time spent teaching something or even just time spent enjoying friends or loved ones. Hear, hear!

The tenants in the cabana leave today. Going home to Germany. Next guest arrives on the 4th of August so we have a mini break. Been a busy but lucrative summer of rentals for us.

Speaking of waiting, B did some laundry and my job is to hang it. It's waiting on me so I guess I better get to it!

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Hollito said...

Ohhh yes, the banks (and their -not existing- service) in MX. One of my favourite subjects to get angry about when we are in MX. I sometimes get upset with my bank here in Germany, but, compared to the ones over there, my bank here has a "gold" service... ;-)