Tuesday, May 08, 2007

This and That

A bunch of stuff running through my head.

* I hate Windows Vista. I am not techie enough to dare to try to get it off my computer. It involves partitioning the hard drive which scares me and of which I know nothing. After hours of frustration yesterday, I discovered that Vista does not support iPod! They are working on it.

* Have to take the car to the mechanic this morning. Nothing wrong. Just getting the oil changed, belts inspected, tune-up and tires rotated before we leave on Friday.

* Our friends leave tomorrow. Gonna go out for drinks and dinner tonight. Same thing on Thursday night but with the sisters who are returning. These are the gals that brought me the 3# box of chocolates for Christmas. Can't stay out too late though. Have to catch the 6:30am car ferry Friday morning.

* Have to "mow" the lawn in front of the cabana today or it will look like a hay field by the time we return. Actually, it involves taking the weed whip out. The yard is too small for a real mower.

* Tomorrow the car gets an official spruce up. Taking it to the car cleaners where, for $7, they wash inside and out. What we call detailing in the USA. I'll probably have them wax it too. No idea when I will be able to clean it again once we get on the road.

* Getting a little concerned about Simon's babysitter. She "shares" a dog with her neighbors on the street behind her. Really nice dog but it supposedly hates cats. It sleeps at her house at night. I have to get Simon down there and introduce them but so far the dog has not shown up at a time when I can get away. P is not going to be able to cope if they don't get along. I don't know what I am going to do if she backs out. I guess leave him here with the other cat. Kitten is an old island cat and is totally used to dealing for herself. Simon, on the other hand, has been a spoiled pet since he made his appearance here as a 4 week old rescue kitten. Our cleaning lady will be stopping by every 3 days to put out food and water, but still I worry.

Time for coffee and plan out the day. The parts that aren't already planned, that is!

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