Thursday, May 10, 2007

Almost Gone!

What a whirlwind of activity the last two days have been. But, finally, hopefully, no turning back now, we are ready to go.

The mechanic had the car most of Tuesday and I thought it was running great when I picked it up. He wanted me to bring it back yesterday afternoon. He had put on a new timing belt and he adjusted it by sound only. He was going to borrow a timing gun and wanted me to return so he could adjust it properly. As I drove away, I thought it just didn't sound like it should. But what do I know from cars? I mean, I usually have to read the manual just to operate the radio. But coming home from downtown last night was really awful. I had no power or acceleration and some belt was squeeling like a stuck pig! To say I was angry is to put it mildly. So this morning I had to go back over there and explain it all to him. I had a brainstorm though. I translated the basics on Altavista Babelfish but when I got over there I made him get in the car and go for a ride. It didn't take very far for him to nod his head and say he knew what was wrong. So back to his shop and he fiddled around a bit and tightened a belt. Presto! The car is humming again and I feel good about take off on this trek with it.

Dropped Simon the cat off at the babysitter's tonight. He will be in very good hands while we are gone. Almost all the boards are up covering the windows. Just two left and we will wait until morning to do those. All the outdoor furniture is in. The car is almost all packed and ready to go.

So up tomorrow at 4am and we will catch the first car ferry off the island at 6:30am. Next stop, about 11 hard driving hours away, is Ciudad del Carmen. Then on to Acayucan for Saturday night and then an easy drop down to Oaxaca on Sunday where the adventure really begins.

I will try to post from internet cafes along the way. Not every day, but often enough. See you soon!

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