Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today's Stuff

We made a haul last night. The neighbors, J and E, came over for Comida China (Chinese take away) and E brought the contents of her refrigerator and cupboards with her. She had just gone shopping a few days ago, right before they decided to get out of Dodge. It was a sad but nice dinner. This morning we said goodbye out front and B drove them downtown to catch the 7:30am ferry. On their way back to the USA and hoping to regain some calm in their lives. I really don't think they needed to leave early, but E was so frightened by everything that has happened, it is probably for the best.

Our block, from corner to corner, consists of a Mexican family, then our cabana, then us, then another American who just built a huge monstrosity of a house, then J&E then an empty lot. Of the four American houses in a row, we are the only ones now occupied. The new neighbor has spent one night, that we know of, in his expensive new house. It was finished last September. J&E won't be back now until the middle of December.

It is warm today but slightly overcast. Good day to wash and wax the car. It needs both badly. I rinse the salt off everyday but it needs a good scrubbing. I notice the water is not beading up very much so I guess I better put on a coat of wax too. Also have to fix the kitchen sink today. The drain seal on one side is leaking so we can't use that side. The list never ends!

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