Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Didn't get a lot done yesterday. Unless you count 4 loads of laundry. Fixed the drain in the kitchen sink too. The sun came out full force and the wind picked up so I did not wash the car. Not much sense in washing the car when the wind just covers it with salt spray as fast as I can wash it off.

Had a treat for dinner last night. L brought back a can of sauerkraut for us from Canada so we had that with smoked pork chops. Haven't had sauerkraut in years. Well, at least not since moving down here.

Off to Cancun for a bit today. Time to renew the annual car insurance. Even though I have set up an appointment with the agent and have given him quite a bit of time to get ready, I will be shocked if the actual policy is ready to be picked up when I get there. I made two trips over last year to get it. Both times the agent failed to show. At the last visit, I fired them and told them I was taking my business to a company that actually wanted my money. They scurried around, found me another agent and had my new policy written and delivered in 30 minutes! I was surprised. I expected to just get the usual shrug of the shoulders attitude. We'll see how it goes today.

B has decided to come along. We'll each take a backpack and head over to Sam's Club afterwards. If we do that today, we can skip it on Saturday when the three of us go over to do our big stock up shopping. We'll only have to go to CostCo and Soriana then. Baseball bats are also on our list of purchases. I keep a hammer by the back door but we want bats by the doors also. Better leverage to bash somebody's head in if they ever come around and we can catch them.

On that front, not a word from the police or investigators. I only got up twice last night to check out noises. Getting better. If we haven't heard anything by Friday, we may go visit our friend who works for the Mayor and see if they can get any answers for us. I really think the burglar, hurt as he was, is long gone. Maybe even left the island. Who knows. I would feel better though knowing that he was in jail, awaiting transfer to prison to become some macho Mexican's little prison senorita. Now that would make me feel like justice has been served!

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