Friday, March 09, 2007

Later in the day

We have spent most of the day now dealing with the police and filing reports. They have assigned two investigators to the case. I don't hold out much hope. I don't think they have even gone to talk to the neighbor whom we think is responsible.

And evidently this guy is hurting. When he fell from the second floor balcony, he left a big blood smear on the tiles where he landed. E, the lady of the house, saw him running down the street, limping and clutching his side. He turned at the corner which would take him directly to his house. I would think the investigators would go right over and see if anybody had any recent bruising on them. J says he landed several punches to the guys face before he fell. Also we have been able to ascertain that the guy is left handed.

The female police office at the main station clucked her tongue and made some notes while we were telling our stories of all the recent problems. It wasn't until J stepped forward with all of his facial bruising that she started taking us seriously. She called on her walkie talkie and wham, bam, the Chief of Police came around the corner and joined in. Then things started to happen. He, another officer and two investigators followed us home and took pictures of the blood, took the hammer the guy hit J with into evidence and generally looked around. Then J, since he was the most visible victim, and L, who speaks fluent Spanish, had to go to yet another office and file and "official" report. Now the investigation can begin. We shall see what happens.

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