Monday, March 26, 2007

Just babbling away today!

A memorable weekend was had by all! Seems like a lot was crammed into two days, even though yesterday was a day of recovery!

Saturday started out poorly. By 7:30a it was pouring down rain. We watched it approach from the sea. I like that. We can see the rain coming from miles away. Never really sure if it will hit us or just pass on by and get Cancun. Sometimes it will rain at our house and not a drop will fall downtown, only 3 miles away. Or just the opposite. Weird. The rain actually was coming down sideways, at a 90 degree angle to the ground. Being driven by the ferocious wind that brought it ashore.

It lasted on and off for about an hour and then the sun came out and stayed out. We thought a guest was arriving to check into the cabana at 10a so we hung around waiting. Finally, at 11:30a, we called our agent. Her assistant, a really great Mexican woman who is also a neighbor two doors down and behind, had told us the flight was landing in Cancun at 8am. Evidently she is still mixing up am and pm in English because the flight was coming in at 8pm!

We packed another one of our fine sandwich lunches and scurried to the beach. Just a slight breeze there, nothing like the wind we were having at home. We spent a very relaxing 2 hours lying in the sun, reading, eating and swimming. Well, B and L swam. I stayed on shore to "guard" the stuff. It takes a lot to get me into the water.

The guests finally arrived at 10:15pm. We were impatiently wating for them to arrive because we had a party to go to downtown. Got them settled in, jumped into the car and headed out.

Our favorite watering hole, Adelita's Tequilaria, was celebrating its' 6 anniversary. A semi private party (reserved tables for invited guests) with free booze all night. Whatever you wanted to drink. We stuck to our usual choice of poison but there were also a lot of tequila shots going around! The owner, Pati, has become a good friend over the years, as has her sister and mother. They were all there of course, along with the usual assortment of cousins and friends. It was a really fun time and we all got really, really drunk. Pati pooped out around 2am. Understandable since everybody was buying her shots to celebrate. Bet she felt like hell yesterday! I know we did!

So yesterday was spent vegging out and moaning about how awful we felt. We had rented 3 movies, anticipating a hungover day. I made homemade pizza later for dinner.

OH, we have instituted a new cooking policy again. We used to take turns cooking and cleaning. One person cooked, the next cleaned up and the third had the night off. Then we changed it to whoever's turn it was to cook also did their own clean up. (No bitching about did you have to use so many pots and pans!) Now we are getting even bolder. We are trying two! days in a row of cooking and cleaning. That means I am now off until Friday! Yeah! I hate to cook anyway so it will be interesting to see how this works out.

One final note, we worked on our travel itinerary almost every night last week and part of Saturday. So far, we will be gone 45 days, traveling in Mexico. I think we will probably be gone like 50 days total. Big trip. More on that later.

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