Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Around the Island

Even though we have a very good life here on the island, once in awhile I feel sortof trapped. No matter which way I go or which way I look, I always end up at the water. Sometimes I feel like my world is just too tiny. On days like that, I either need to get on my scooter and drive around or go to the mainland. I was having a trapped feeling day last week so I got on my scooter and went for a ride. Here are some of the things that caught my eye. You may want to click on some of them to see the detail.

This was taken at the look out point above the dead reef and tourist trap known as Garrafon. This pictures looks across the bay to the hotel zone in Cancun. You can see all the high rise hotels. After Hurricane Wilma, we could look across from here and actually see holes big enough to see through in some of these.

Another view looking down on Garrafon. There were a lot of zip liners zipping along on this day.

I ended up at North Beach. I love the way the palm fronds cast shadows on the sand.

Our beaches were mostly washed away after Wilma. Unlike Cancun, we did not artificially, and at tremendous expense, blow sand on them to rebuild them. Instead we put up these barriers walls of sticks. Sometimes they use bags of sand too. They are placed there to lessen the erosion effects of the waves. It also serves to deposit sand, thus rebuilding the beaches.

Here is our coconut seller. He has been hawking coconuts for as long as I can remember. He wields a mean machete!
Don't know what this guy was waiting for. Must have brought some tourists from Cancun over to the beach and was waiting for them to come back.
I don't like this. Some of the more upscale hotels along the beach are now getting into this bed on the beach thing. They are, of course, for rent. And people actually do rent them and spend the day wallowing in luxury. Or so they think. I wonder if they have ever bothered taking a little whif of them? I bet they stink. I have seen piles of wild island dogs sleeping on them and doing that rub the butt thing on them that dogs do. Yuk. And then people lie on them! I have also seen dogs pee on them. I seriously doubt that they are washed or sanitized in any way, shape or form.

This isn't my style either. I prefer to have a little space between me and the next sunbather.

It must be time to take or something because I am having the trapped, wanderlust feeling more and more lately. I bet by the time I get back from our next big trip, I will be happy to just stay home and do nothing. And sleep in my own bed. Always the best part of coming home!

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