Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's all so sad now

Things just seem to be falling apart. Our neighbors, J&E, have informed us that they are returning to the USA on Tuesday. This is two weeks ahead of schedule. The Mrs is frightened beyond belief. Afraid that the burglar, or his family or friends, is going to return to extract revenge for J hurting the guy so badly during the altercation. So they have one day to pack up and catch their flight.

It is all just so sad. Our quality of life has changed so drastically...literally overnight. And it is such a helpless feeling. There is absolutely nothing we can do except make sure that we leave nothing outside and that our house is always secured. We don't even dare leave laundry hanging unattended anymore.

We went to the police station twice today, trying to get an update. The first time we were told to come back at 6pm when the Chief would be there. We asked for the names of the two investigators assigned to the case and guess what? They claimed to not know the names! I find this incredible. The same woman was at the desk when the investigators were called to come talk to us the other day. This is a small island. No way could she not know their names. We did return at 6pm. No Chief. We were told to just wait until tomorrow at 9am and try to catch the investigators in their office.

What a way to run a police force and investigation. I seriously doubt that the burglar will ever be caught. And worse, that the police even care.

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