Monday, March 05, 2007

Burglar strikes again......and again!!!

Well, it didn't take long for our friendly neighborhood burglar to return. He was very busy here over the weekend.

Saturday night we had Toronto out here for a barbeque and cards. We left about 12:30am to drive him back downtown to his hotel. L went out early Sunday morning to water plants on the back patio. Guess what? The watering wand attached to the hose was missing! We started to look around and discovered that the pile of flip flops that we keep by the back door for working outside was missing also. (remember last time he tried to steal a pair but left them behind?) And the biggest insult of all. We had been to the beach on Saturday and our bathing suits were on the line upstairs. The asshole stole my new boardie shorts!!! At this point we figured it was probably somebody young, or at least around my size.

We discussed off and on all day what we could do to put a stop to this. He is evidently making his entrance and exit from our patio to the cabana roof next door and then, we thought, down the stairs and out to the street. No resolution was found.

Early this morning, around 1:30am, L was awakened by a noise outside his bedroom window. We heard him shouting and came running. He interrupted the burglar trying to detach our hose and make off with that. L says that guy was calm as can be and said the Spanish equivalent of "Whatever" when L called him a thief. He then casually walked across the patio and up the stairs to the roof where he has access to the cabana next door. B ran for the front door to get a look at him as he came down the steps and across the yard, directly in our vision. By the time L and I got the back door unlocked and up the stairs, he was gone.

B says he never came down the stairs. That can only mean he crossed the cabana roof and exited via the roof next to the cabana. There was a light on in this house so there is no way he could have gotten through that house without either being seen or being a known resident there. L got a good look at him too. Oh, he also stole B's flip flops which he foolishly left outside.

We have not called the police again. They just come out, take a look around and sympathize with what a terrible thing it is. But they do nothing. And I mean nothing. When our neighbors got burglared, they even got a description of the getaway truck and license number. Guess what? We all still see this truck going up and down our road out front! Nothing. It is such a helpless feeling. We are going to have to do something about this exit path across the roof. We may make a visit on our neighbors and see if we recognize the guy. Or at least maybe scare him that we know who he is. Other than that, I am at a loss.

Do we have to resort to baseball bat justice to get this to stop? I surely hope not. Stay tuned!

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HollyEQQ said...

My suggestion is to trick him - glue the flip flops to the floor or super glue the hose to the wall connector or cover it in honey or vaseline. Something that makes it a little bit harder or messier. As you know, for them, it is a way of life.
Maybe a buzzer like the joksters used to zap you when you shook hands?
When we left Iran in 1978, our boxes had been ransacked and your stereo would be missing but they traded you a pair of old shoes or a scarf (wouldn't even dust with kind) so that it wasn't stealing, just a trade. We got our silk rugs because Dad had put the toilet plunger and bathmats on top of them - these items are considered untouchable so they wouldn't look underneath. :)

The first time we went out to visit the local mosque, the landlady who was our guide made us go back in and put on old plastic worn out shoes instead of American sneakers. When people enter the mosque, they take off their shoes. When they leave, they will "upgrade" and leave you their shoes as a trade. The problem is you don't know which pair out of 200 are the ones you got left with so you take a pair that fits and on and on it goes.... it is just part of fun of other cultures - Right?!?!?
Until you have to ride the bus home without shoes on dirty streets that have been used as a urinal. :)
Keep an eye out for the bordie shorts. I bet one of your neighbors shows up in them all smiles!!!