Friday, February 09, 2007

Up and at 'em

Trying out a new brand of coffee this morning. Could not find my usual brand in Cancun yesterday. No, I did not get up so blasted early today just to be able to sample this coffee. Which is quite good, by the way.

L has to catch the 7:30am ferry off the island to catch a plane again today. He has another 4 day trip to go on. This is his month to travel for work.

After that we are meet D and R for breakfast. These are our friends visiting from CT and Toronto. Then home again to pick up the scooter and then to the mechanic's. Have an appointment this morning with him. Then back to town and hook up with the guys at the beach.

A typical aside, but which I actually found funny. My appointment with the mechanic was originally for 11am on Wednesday. It had rained all day Tuesday so I knew he had not worked. His garage is totally outside. I had some other things I needed to do anyway so I drove over there at 9am to tell him I would not make it today and change the appointment to Friday. Just as well. His helper was there and told me that he was in Cancun for the day anyway! I'm sure they would have just let me drop off the car anyway and never had said a word. Just let me find it not worked on when I went back to pick it up. So typical of the way things are done down here. Or not done!

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