Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back On!

Well, that was certainly frustrating! I was forced, not asked, forced to switch to the new Google version of Blogger and it is a pain in the behind! It took me over an hour to find my blog again! I'm not against change, just give better instructions!

Had to go to Cancun today. The microwave in the cabana went on the fritz and starting shooting sparks out the back. When the tenants came over to tell me, they said the microwave was broken and was shooting sparks out the back. I told them to unplug it and to stop trying to use it. So we had to go get a replacement for it. Which meant a trip to Cancun. We checked in 4 stores, trying to find one with an English keyboard. No luck.

While we were over there, we had the "might-as-wells". Might as well go here and get this or might as well go here too since we are already over here. We ended up not getting home until 4pm...a 7 hour shopping trip!

Of course, I did not take my camera and missed two good photo ops. We were waiting for a cab in front of one WalMart type store and a truck pulled up, pulling a flatbed trailer with a huge cage on it. In the cage was a huge tiger! Darn, missed that!

Then driving home from the ferry, there was a huge waterspout out over the ocean. That is like a tornado at sea. It was large enough that people were pulled over everywhere watching it. By the time I got home, ran in the house for the camera, it had disappeared back up into the clouds.

Oh well. Gots lots of stuff done today.

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