Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Trash to Treasure

Sounds like an HGTV show, doesn’t it? Maybe it is. I have no way of knowing.

My neighbors, two doors down, are very creative people. I posted a picture of his Christmas tree awhile back. The one that made mine actually look good! Mrs. Neighbor combs the beach across the street on a daily basis. Sometimes two or three times a day. Mostly looking for shells and odd bits of things, like sea glass. She occasionally finds interesting bits of driftwood too. The soap dishes mounted to the walls in their showers are actually stones or coral that they found on the beach.

Mr. Neighbor is pretty good with a power tool too. He has a whole set of stuff over there. Most of it I wouldn’t even begin to know how to use. Here are just some of the things they have put together to decorate their house and back patio area:

This is a wall hanging he made out of pieces of an old pallet he found. I think the writing on them really helps. It certainly is an eye catcher.

These are a couple of shelves he made out of driftwood. He drilled holes in the back of the wood and into the cement walls. Then he put pieces of old rebar in as a way to suspend them in mid air. Again, pretty creative.

But the crowning glory is this:

Mr. built these tables and Mrs. broke up pieces of left over tiles for the top. I think she did a superb job. I think she may have a new career pending!

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