Sunday, February 25, 2007

Surprise return and other news

Great weather has finally returned. Temps are hovering in the mid 80's everyday with clear, bright blue skies. Ya know what that means! Beach time! I have been taking some pics of people at the beach. Can't wait to post that! Remember, it is a topless beach here so stay tuned!

What a surprise we got Thursday night. When we went downtown to pick up our friend from Toronto for dinner, who should come sauntering across the hotel plaza but our friend from back home, TT. You'll remember he arrived for "a month" last December 28. His plan was to backpack around Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. He disappeared in early January, never to be heard from again. We were just a bit worried. It seems he extended his ticket and is here until Feb 28. He is only 29 and sometimes I get a bit annoyed with this younger generation's thoughtlessness. For all we knew, he was dead in the jungles of Guatemala somewhere. We chided him a bit but then settled in to hear of his adventures.

L comes home tomorrow from his extended stay in the frozen north of Canada. He was fortunate(?) enough to be in Toronto for their snow storm and really cold snap. I bet he will be glad to return to some nice sun.

Off to the beach again. Have to be careful though. I don't want to get too tan and turn into Leatherman! I am lucky that I have the type of skin tone that never burns. I just keep getting darker and darker. I know, poor me.

Ok, tomorrow I return with lots of pictures!

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