Monday, February 26, 2007

Downtown Shopping

“Prices cheaper than WalMart!”, “It’s my turn to rip you off!”, “Have a look” are some of the calls made to tourists as they pass by the vendors little stores downtown. Each one trying to get the unwary tourist to come in and buy something from them. Usually some trinket made anywhere but in Mexico. As an example:

Need a necklace?

Or maybe some kind of animal with a bobbing head?

The problem is, they just don’t get it. If there is one shop selling something, there are probably 20 more selling exactly the same thing. And all on the same street. C’mon guys. Diversify and conquer! And it’s like they have some kind of silent union or something. The price is going to be the same no matter what shop you go into. Of course, some may start out higher than others and some may haggle down a bit lower, but it is all basically the same price.
There are a few shops offering somewhat different items. Like this:

I don’t get it. Is it a mask? A skull? And why the gecko like lizards crawling on it? I have no idea what the artist was thinking but I think this piece of wall art will be hanging outside this shop for quite awhile.
Did I ask if you need a necklace? Different store, same street.

Then there is the cigar store. What brand do you want? Maybe something from Cuba?

Or maybe you have a giraffe at home that needs a new shirt?

Do you suppose the shop keeper actually thought this outfit works?

In the more Mexican like stores off the main street, you can find more traditional items. Like these:

And if you buy one for a birthday party, just around the corner you can hire this to entertain:

Or maybe you need some nails or other hardware. Check this out.

Could they get more colors onto that sign?!
And I leave you with this from yet another store on the main street:

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