Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some updates

It's been really busy around here. Thought I would post some more personal type stuff today.

The rain appears to have finally stopped. It rained the first 6 days our friends from CT and Toronto were here. Poor things. They come for the beach. And to see us! We have had torrential downpours. Fat, heavy rain that fills the streets in minutes and continues to wash away my driveway! The worst? There is a crack in the outside of the house somewhere and it is allowing all this rain to find a path to L's bedroom wall. Sheets of water pouring down the wall and getting behind the paint and peeling it off. It could be coming from anywhere and just following the holes in the concrete block until it finds an easy exit. I have caulked and spackled every crack I could find. Let's hope it does the trick!

L returned home on Monday after spending a long weekend in Long Beach. He was not impressed. Except by the quantity of food served at American restaurants. He leaves again Thursday for Vancouver and then Toronto for 12 days. Then, I hope, this travel ordered by his job is over for awhile.

The cactus police were by again yesterday. This time two girls with a small, digital camera. They took pictures of our Nopal cacti and then told me the Spanish names for the other ones. Which I promptly forgot! Evidently they are checking and rechecking cactus in private gardens to make sure that bad, bad caterpillar does not appear. We passed again. While I was standing there chatting with them, Simon appeared. He went directly to the legs of one of them and started rubbing against her and then rolled over onto his back. (what a ham for attention!) I told her it was ok to pick him up, which she did, and he immediately started purring and going into his I'm-such-a-lover mode. The other girl took lots of pictures. Can you imagine some government official in the USA using a business camera to take personal photos, which they probably went back to their office and showed to everyone!

Speaking of Simon, he has an appointment with the Vet today to rid himself of his manhood. I haven't told him yet. It's a surprise. For Valentine's Day no less!

We got four, count 'em, four, loads of laundry done yesterday. We haven't seen the sun in so long in was really piling up. Now everything is fresh and new again, smelling of hot sun and warm breezes.

Karneval (Mardi Gras) starts here tomorrow. It is a wild time with lots of dancers in elaborate, homemade costumes. I will have lots of photo ops this coming week. Some of the things they design are just incredible. They even have a children's division.

My favorite group is the Over the Hill girls. What a hoot! I'll be keeping an eye out for them this year.

Ok, off to tell Simon the good news!

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