Thursday, February 15, 2007

Busy Day

Busy day yesterday. We all got up feeling just a bit groggy since we had hosted a birthday party here Tuesday night. Our friend from Toronto turned 60 so we couldn't let that go by unnoticed! We hosted dinner and had fresh shrimp boiled in beer. I only had two. For some reason I got it into my head that they looked like those big white grubs that you see people in Africa dig up and eat. Or like the ones they had to eat on Survivor. I think it was because they were so big and peel and eat. Ya know, still had the legs attached and stuff. Grossed me out for some reason. B spent all morning in the kitchen making his homemade carrot cake. I had two pieces of that! It was a nice night but we maybe drank just a little too much.

I had to take Simon to the vet to be neutered. I picked him up at 7pm last night. Poor baby acted like he was drunk. He wobbled around a bit and then collapsed in a heap and slept. I had to lock him in the bathroom all night. He was not allowed outside or anywhere that he could jump up. This morning he seems much better and is very active. He finally got fed, after a fast of 24 hours. He sure gobbled that down! At least now I don't have to worry about him tom catting around the neighborhood and getting into fights. He shall remain the same sweet guy he has been up to now. (I hope!)

Then we went to the beach for a few hours to join our friends. There are so many of them visiting here now that it is high season in full swing. This island has one of the few topless beaches in Mexico (not nude!). I can't remember when I have seen so many bare breasts on the beach at one time. They were everywhere. It never fails to amaze me though. The ones who should bare them hardly ever do. It is always the old ladies and the fat ladies who heave their pendulous breasts out, proudly letting them flap against their bellies as they parade around for all to admire. I support their right to go topless, after all, men can go topless. But just do it with a little dignity or even just a slight bit of discretion. At any rate, I was only there for about 3 hours and managed to burn! I was shocked. It's not like I don't live here full time and am all white or anything. Lesson learned. Doesn't matter how tanned you are, that sun is intense down here!

Spent the afternoon running some errands, taking a siesta, working on my knitting project and visiting with our neighbor two doors down. Then supper, watched the new season auditions for American Idol and off to bed by 10pm. Early for me.

Taking L to catch the 8am ferry off the island and he is off to Canada for 12 days. The weather forecast up there is not looking too good. Incredible amounts of cold. I made him a wool beanie stocking cap. I think he will need it. Then off to breakfast with friends, a bit of time on the beach and then I don't know what.

Each day is a surprise down here. Hope your day is nice, wherever you are.

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