Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Surprising Day

I hate surprises. Unless it involves money or chocolate. Yesterday I got the former.

I got a call from our rental agent at 11:30am and she said she had two renters in her golf cart and she was bringing them out to rent the cabana! I told her to wait an hour. The place had just been cleaned when last week's water guzzling tenants left, but there were no linens or toiletries over there. B was downtown grocery shopping so I grabbed L, a bunch of towels, sheets, toilet paper and soap and ran over there. A flurry of activity ensued but 15 minutes later the place was ready for guests.

This lovely young couple from Toronto showed up a little after 1pm. In the pouring rain! Yes, a "Norte" had been threatening all day and it finally arrived onshore. It was a deluge! It didn't take long for the road in front of us to flood over and it washed all kinds of gullies into my driveway! The worst though....the windows in the cabana that face the ocean leak.

Not just leak. Water just pours under them and runs down the walls when we get driving rain from the ocean. Nice intro for the couple. I ran back home and grabbed all the rags and towels I could find and the three of us spent the next bit of time sopping up tons of water and trying to plug the window frames. They took it all in stride, but I probably would have said no thanks and checked out!

I think we are going to have to replace the windows or redesign them. I have caulked them so much there is no place left to caulk. Still the water pours in. I just don't understand it.

Of course, with it raining all day, I did not get anything done outside. Inside either for that matter. It was so cold I actually pulled out a thermal blanket last night!

Surprises. I hate them.

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