Monday, January 08, 2007

Somewhat Lazy Day

Yesterday was somewhat of a lazy day. Although some things did manage to get done.

L was in his "office" most of the day. He is going to NYC for a trade show for his company on Thursday so is trying to get a bit ahead before that happens. Didn't see much of him.

B did laundry. I helped him hang three loads. I don't know how or why we manage to generate so much dirty laundry, but we do. Especially T-shirts, the uniform of the day down here. We don't have a dryer, don't need one and don't want one. Between the breeze and the hot sun, it takes no time for stuff to dry on the line.

Since the rotation had come around to me again for cooking the evening meal, I had to jump on the scooter and go to town to the "super" market. I would rather do most anything than go to the store. I absolutely hate it. It is small, crowded and never has what I want. Yesterday there was not even one loaf....not one!... of bread on the shelves! One fine day I will take my camera in and take some pictures so you know what I am talking about. So, of course, I had to go to the farmer's market to get onions and tomatoes. Then another little neighborhood store to get a loaf of bread. The small loaf was $1.10! I got the small one because it was white bread and we don't like it. We generally eat whole wheat. They did have some good looking, freshly ground hamburger so I bought a kilo to fry up and freeze. One can never depend on there being hamburger either!

Then I washed my scooter and sprayed WD40 on all the metal parts to help prevent rust. I also put a few more racing stripes on it. One can never have too many distinquishing features on one's scooter down here. I sure am grateful my neighbor is letting me park it in his garage, away from most of the damaging effects of salt spray.

My neighbors and I have been saving pop bottles too. I have 20 pints of paint stored in our tiny garage and I want to transfer all that paint into plastic pop bottles. I have so many because they are left over from when I painted the "Talavera" dragonflies on the back wall and also the cement bench in front of the cabana. And after just 2 years of being stored in the closed garage, they are totally rusted. I mean totally. I picked one up the other day and my finger went through the can! Since neighbor J wants to borrow some to paint his new wallhanging, they are saving bottles too. Plastic bottles that would otherwise get thrown away since there is no recycling here. Another GRRRR item! Plus my friend, R, from Toronto is coming to visit for a month soon. This is the year he is going to paint a mural for me somewhere. He is a professional artist, actually made a living at it. Should be interesting!

We discovered last night that the local cable company was offering free HBO for the weekend. Just in time to catch a couple of movies. Not good ones, but in English all the same. Some Harry Potter thing, one called Duplex and Bewitched. I hate Nicole Kidman but the nostalgia factor and the original way they did it was nice. A bit predictable though. Oh, Superman Returns is worth renting just for the big plane rescue scene alone. Great special effects.

I forgot to mention that our visiting friend, TT, has left for awhile. Not sure how long he will be gone. L fixed him up with an itinerary that takes him south to Belize, then over to Guatamala and returning into Mexico. I think he will visit the following ruins: Tulum, Tical, Palenque, Uxmal and Chitzen Itza. Well, he wanted to see ruins! Can't wait for him to get back and look at his pictures. That boy really has a natural eye. Hope to get some of his work posted. I forgot to ask him about posting the ice pictures before he left.

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