Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Scooter plates and other news

Getting plates for the scooter was a continuation of the car plates, only not quite so bad. I couldn't get them at the same time as I got the car plates because I did not physically have the scooter with me. I had to go home and get it. Why? Because they needed to do the carbon paper copy of the VIN for that too! Again, they did not trust that the Honda factory was capable of putting the correct number on their paperwork! Long story short...after another 2 hours of line waiting and Mickey Mouse stuff, I paid $65US for plates and never got them! They ran out of plates and the next batch won't be in until next week! So I have to return with my paid receipt and get them then! I did get 3 more chances to win a car though!

Ok, enough of that crap. I want to be cheerful again!

Not so cheerful, but in the news is that L left yesterday on a 2 week trip around Mexico. We miss him alot around here when he is gone. He keeps us motivated and we sure eat a lot better when he is home!

High season is upon us. Not as many tourists around as in years past, but enough to give the economy a long awaited boost. It is going to be different for us this year. We always look forward to high season because of the return of so many friends from up north. Two aren't coming this year for whatever reason. One is only staying two weeks instead of two months. One is staying his normal 4 weeks, even though he is now retired and could stay longer if he wanted! (are you reading this R??? We could take a trip!) The girls from Minnesota will be arriving but their schedules are really different this year too. But the best news is that B's sister and husband are coming down for a week! Yeah! We are really, really looking forward to that visit! Sometimes I wish she lived closer to us, I like her that much!

I have been reading a few knitters blogs lately. It has inspired me to pick up my needles again. It is too hot down here to knit with natural fibers and besides, who wants a wool/angora sweater in this heat? And who wants to knit one! I am working on a special little project, inspired by my fellow ex-pat blogger who lives near Xico. More about that if it turns out! I do find myself reading these knitter blogs and really missing my spinning wheel and weaving. Well, I wanted the hot so it serves me right!

Not sure what's on the "to do" schedule today. Maybe repaint the cement bench? As soon as I finish my coffee, I'll give it some serious thought. Until then, enjoy your day!

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