Friday, January 26, 2007

Same old same old

I certainly do not find my life down here boring. Far from it! But sometimes there just doesn't seem to be anything interesting to write about. Just the daily routine of living. Or maybe I lack imagination lately? Or, egads, maybe my life is boring! I mean, who cares about stuff like this:

* spending three hours in the afternoon just sitting in front of our neighbors house. He was painting some metal chairs he had gotten from a bar downtown that has gone on to a different decorating motif. We just talked, laughed and waved to all the people driving by who waved to us. Lazy afternoon with friends.

* stopping for a few minutes on the corner up from us to watch workers building a sidewalk by flashlight. It was 9pm and they were still going at it. Six guys mixing cement on the road.

* going to our favorite little pizza joint in the colonia up the hill from us to discover, at first dismay, that it has been discovered by the gringos in the neighborhood. But then I thought about it and what it means to the business to have steady customers who TIP and I was alright with the fact that there were no Mexicans in sight. Hope we gringos didn't scare them off!

* spending hours, probably more than I should, sitting on the front porch and working on the big knitting project I have going. And I still don't know if what I am doing is going to be worth it. (more on this when I find out the answer to my question...oooh, so mysterious!) But watching life go by on the road out front and just stopping to watch the waves is soooooo very nice!

* teasing my cleaning lady that she carries a bottle of tequila in her purse. Which is probably 3" by 4", if that. And then being told the entire story of the history of drinking in her family. She doesn't drink, her husband doesn't drink and neither do any of her 3 sons. But they used to, oh how they used to! She was very proud of the fact that her husband has not had a drop in 9 years....which also means that he hasn't had a girlfriend in that long either. Oh, I could write a very long blog about married Mexican men and their girlfriends. (or, in some instances, boyfriends too!)

Maybe I just need to get out of the house and find something interesting to write about!

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