Sunday, December 10, 2006

Weekend Update

We really don't have weekends here. Just Saturday and Sunday. That's what happens when you are retired.

At any rate, L and I decided to take the 10am ferry over to Cancun on Saturday. We wanted to finish up the last little dab of Christmas shopping we both have left. (If left to their own devices, neither B nor L would have ANY shopping to do. What a couple of bah humbugs they are!) We went to 3 different shopping malls and WalMart. By 2pm we realized that all we had boughten so far was cat food at WalMart. We decided we needed a coffee break so we stopped at The Coffee Factory and refueled. Then it was off to browse the last of the stores. Within 15 minutes of leaving the Coffee Factory we spotted it. Finally. The perfect gift for B! We were elated and now done with our shopping.

The line outside the mall for a taxi was a mile long so we walked a couple blocks away from the mall and grabbed a local bus downtown. From there we switched to a taxi and literally ran down the runway to catch the 3:30pm ferry back to the island before it could pull away.

Last night we belatedly celebrated L's birthday by taking him out for a fancy dinner and drinks afterward. We must have had a pretty good time because we didn't get home until 3am!

Needless to say, today has been a slow day. And it has rained with various intensities all day too. Sure am getting sick of all this rain. We rented a movie, took naps and browsed the internet. Then I made homemade bean and vegetable soup for dinner.

I think it will be an early night for us tonight!

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