Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday morning

The sun has returned this morning. Lots of big, fluffy, pure white cumulus clouds overhead, but still bright and sunny. And already 81 degrees at 9am. Looks like rain clouds forming on the horizon to our south. Doubt that they will make it this far though.

I have been sick for the last two days. Bad chest and sinus cold. Feeling a little better today but still congested. Probably be fine by tomorrow. Lot of good that does me. Sunday is "family" day and we usually try to do something together. Go for a walk. Work on one of the never ending projects around here. Drive around the island and complain about all the new construction. That sort of thing. Doubt that I will be up to participating today.

We ordered a custom made corner table for the cabana we rent. Our carpenter delivered it yesterday and he really did a nice job on it. As usual. It is 100cm tall and 45cm square. And he only charged us $35. We will put it in the front corner for a reading lamp and to store games on. I want to paint it. B wants to stain it to match the furniture already in there. We'll see what happens on that front!

Our good friends from Missouri, who just built a beautiful, well designed house (what? me jealous?) two lots down from us will be arriving this Wednesday. They stay for 4 months and the time goes by too fast. Something to look forward to anyway.

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