Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Story of Simon's Bed

Simon's bed

Although Simon is allowed in the house, especially in the evening to play, he is not an inside cat. He has a nice little protected house under the stairs that go to the second floor back patio. But his bed wasn't all that great. Just a box with a rag thrown in it. I took pity on him and pulled out some old yarn and made him a bed to put in the box. But not just any old yarn. This yarn is special.

Years ago, when I was still spinning and making my own yarn, I purchased a Navajo fleece

Navajo sheep

from my good friend, Loretta. Have I mentioned how much I love that rascally woman? She is a best friend, confidant and mentor all rolled into one. I miss not living by her almost every day of my life. Anyway, this particular fleece was from a spotted ram. I did not want to send it off to be processed and have it come back all grayish. I wanted the black separate from the white. This meant that I had to spend hours picking out the white pieces of the fleece from the black. When it came back in giant sheets, the length and width of two double size mattresses, I had to then separate it into rovings before I could spin it. So I again spent hours pulling it apart into long pieces. Then I tore each one of these into various lengths and put them all into a basket. While spinning, I just blindly reached into the basket and grabbed a piece. White or black, didn't matter. The result was a very nice (I think!) variegation. When I plied it, I got even more variegation when the colors wrapped around each other.

So I was thinking about all of that and my friend Loretta who sold me the fleece and caused me so much work while I was making the bed for Simon. Good memories are nice.

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