Thursday, December 07, 2006

Another birthday

Today is L's birthday. We had made plans to celebrate. No trips like with mine. Dinner, presents, drinks. The usual sort of stuff. He hates to make a big deal of it. Except that we have had to postpone all but the presents.

B and I have been sick for a week now. Some sort of chest cold thing with a horrible cough and headache. From what I can tell, it is making it's way around the island. So not much has been going on to blog about. Just trying to survive and get over this. And now this morning, on his birthday no less, L reports that he has a sore throat. That's how it starts. Life can be so unfair sometimes.

On a much pleasanter note, our friends who built the house 2 lots down from us arrived yesterday. It is always nice to see them.

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