Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbyes, Simon and Who Put Out the Lights?

Oooh, why am I up so early today? Probably because I went to bed at an unheard of hour of 10:30pm last night. So really I have gotten 7 hours of sleep. But it is so early. And tonight is New Year's Eve. I will probably just be getting to bed tomorrow at this time! I feel a siesta in my future!

Our new friends stopped by the house yesterday to say goodbye. Actually, one of them B knew professionally. In the short time they were all 4 here, I really got to like them. Wished they could have stayed longer. I hope we will see them again some day. One of the bummers of living in a tourist zone is that you meet so many nice people and then they are gone. Maybe we will visit them some day on a trip back to Minnesota. Hope so.

On the Simon front, he is getting so big so fast. He is now 10 weeks old and had his first shot this week. He was a real trouper at the Vet's and gave us no problem at all. Unlike other cats I have had! And the Vet said he was the best looking kitten he has ever seen on the island. I am such a proud papa, like I had anything to do with his great looks! He is more like a dog than a cat in that he loves people, loves to be held or carried around and definately is not happy when I make him go outside to play! He would rather be wherever I am. Here's a picture of him. He thinks he is hiding from me!

About 1:30pm yesterday I heard a crash and the electricity all went out. I went out front to investigate and discovered a panel truck had cut the corner to sharply and hit the electric pole on the corner! It was tipped over and lines were hanging down. I thought for sure it would be days before they got it fixed. Wrong. The electric company was here almost immediately. They set the pole upright again, did some magic stuff to the lines and we had power again by 5:30pm! I am constantly amazed at the efficiency of the power company here. After Wilma, when every pole on the island was destroyed, they set new poles, strung new wire and we had electricity in only 12 days! An amazing feat.

I am picking our friend TT up at his hotel this morning. We are using the motor scooter and I am taking him on a picture taking tour of the island. Should be a lot of fun. I will ask him about posting some of his pictures when I see him today.

Time for another cup of coffee!

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