Saturday, December 30, 2006

Arrivals and Eavesdropping

WARNING: Foul language alert later in this entry. Stop now if the word fuck offends you.

Our friend arrived safely from the Mn/Wi border country yesterday. He flew down on United instead of Sun Country. Not sure why. I was appalled, yes appalled, to hear that the flight actually charged for food! $5 for some microwave sandwich thing. Called me old fashioned, but I think for the price of an airline ticket, they can cough up a little something to eat. (eewww, I don't mean that literally!)

This is a big holiday season here. Mostly Nationals (what Mexicans call each other) and the lines at the ferry to the mainland were incredible. TT finally arrived and we took him to his hotel, waited while he showered and then he folded his 6' something frame into our little VW Pointer and we were off.

We stopped at Comida China takeaway and ordered Chinese take out food. Nobody wanted to cook dinner, since B and L are still a little edgy with whatever bug they have. I tried to order a beef dish. "No Hay" she says. (don't have it) Then I wanted some spring rolls. Same "No Hay". Then she tells me she has no shrimp or seafood either. "What do you have?" I asked her. Her answer came as one word...chicken. So chicken it was. I ordered Sesame Chicken, Chicken in Orange Sauce and Sweet and Sour Chicken. I had them deliver it so we didn't have to wait around. It costs a dollar to have it delivered. It was really funny when it got here because, except that one styrofoam container contained a very falsely dyed red type of meat, it all looked and tasted the same!

TT is a bit of a photographer and he had brought some photos down on his camera so we downloaded those to my computer and had a look. WOW! That boy is really talented. I am going to see if I can post some of them here. They are just incredible. Hope he says yes. I particularly liked the ones of ice and stuff frozen in it. I mean real ice, like on a lake.

TT and I went back downtown to have a drink. B and L wisely decided to stay home and nurse themselves back to health. New Year's Eve is coming! One of the things I (mostly) enjoy about this time of year is that there are so many English speaking tourists on the island. I love eavesdropping on their conversations. While we were sitting at our table by the street, I happened to observe the following:

Two couples were walking by. First the husbands, then the wives behind. One of the woman was saying this to the other as they passed:

We went to that restaurant tonight that Beth told us about. The food there was fucking yummy!

I just thought it strange to hear the words fucking and yummy in the same sentence. Maybe I'm weird though. I would never use those two words together. It just seems so wrong. I would have probably said fucking awesome.

Ok, I'm rambling now. Time to go do something pour another cup of coffee!

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