Sunday, November 12, 2006


L is making chicken mole tacos for dinner tonight. Which means that we have to go buy tortillas today. They are made fresh everyday at various places all over the island.

I hate to go buy them. Mostly because I can never say "one quarter" correctly no matter how many times I practice. I always end up asking for either 4 kilos or a room! (since the words are so very similar!)

Since they are fresh, they go sour very quickly no matter how tightly you store them. Which begs the question, what do you do with leftover tortillas?

Maybe I'll ask one of my Mexican friends. But since the average Mexican consumes 264 pounds of tortillas a year, I'm sure they will just look at me and go "What leftovers?"

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Theresa said...

I buy tortillas by the peso, I ask for cinco pesos de tortillas, works for me! You make chilequiles out of stale tortillas! yum! Of course I am talking about corn not flour, you can put sugar and cinnamon on flour tortillas and have them with your coffee.