Thursday, November 16, 2006

My butt's burning!

We went to Cancun yesterday. One of our monthly or so shopping trips to stock up at CostCo, Sam's, etc. Of course, we had to take the car ferry.

The entire Naval Base here on the island is being rebuilt to look like giant Mayan Temples, but that is another story. This means that more and more trucks are coming back and forth with supplies. Space on the ferry is at a premium right now. Even arriving 45 minutes early does not ensure a space. All in all, a stressful time.

What burns my butt though is that they have now increased the fare. We have to pay $22 one way. If we had the special discount card that is issued to "island residents", we would only have to pay $15. We have taken all of our paperwork to prove that we live here to the ferry office and they have turned us down. They absolutely refuse to give us a card. Even though we can prove without a doubt that we are "island residents"! Want to know the reason why they turn us down?

This is a quote. "You can't have a discount card because you are white. The card is meant only for Mexicans" !!!! We argued that the requirement is island resident, not nationality or skin color. They are steadfast in their refusal. We talked to a lawyer and were told that it is a private company and they can make whatever rules they want. Can you imagine this kind of blatant discrimination in the USA?

It burns my butt.

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