Thursday, November 02, 2006

Language Irritations

When are Mexican friends speak English to us, I am pleased and thankful. I would never dream of correcting them when they literally translate. Like saying "I drank a pill for my headache". Or say, when referring to their wife, "He was mad night last". I understand what they are trying to say even if the pronunciation or pronouns aren't correct. This is why it irks me so much when the occassional Mexican just refuses to try to understand our Spanish. Like today in Cancun. (this all transpired in Spanish but I will type it in English)
Taxi: Where to?
Us: Telebodega (A giant discount appliance store)
Taxi: Telebodega?
Us: Yes please.

Off we go through the back streets of Cancun. We are thinking maybe it is a short cut or something. Eventually he pulls into the parking lot of this store called Bodega Arruello.

Us: This isn't Telebodega.
Taxi: Where?
Us: Telebodega.
Taxi: Oh, Telebodega!

Now understand, we were saying it like tell-a-boe-day-gah
He was saying it tell-lay-boe-day-gah
Just a slight difference in a long a and a short a.

Or the time we wanted to go to Sam's Club. The taxi was totally mystified as to where we wanted to go until I finally wrote it out for him. We were saying it in English just like you would. He looks at the slip of paper and goes "Oh, Sam's Cluuuub:! Honestly, I get so irritatied at times! Maybe I should start asking the driver's if they speak English before getting in, but then I would never get to practice my Spanish. Just my bitch for today.

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