Thursday, November 30, 2006

Busy, busy

The last two days have been really busy. Yesterday B and I took the ferry to Cancun to try to finish up the little bit of Christmas shopping that we still do. There is a new mall over there that just opened up and it was really great. Of course, the anchor store is a WalMart SuperCenter! Nice thing is that this one is located waaaaaay out on the outskirts of Cancun and everything is priced for Mexicans. Not like the WalMart near downtown that all the Gringos go to. Expensive! We got home too late to really want to cook dinner so we went to a little corner restaurant that only sells tacos. You sit at tables on the sidewalk in front and get to watch all the cars and motorscooters drive by as you eat your tacos. What a slice of life!

Today we had to get out of the house for three hours in the morning. The cleaning lady comes on Thursdays and she doesn't like us hovering around. So we met our friend T downtown for breakfast. Then we came home and I helped B hang some wash on the new lines we installed upstairs on the back patio. Then I grabbed Simon, put him in his carrier and went down the street to visit my good friend, P. She used to breed Siamese cats and had some nice things to say about him. (she is my friend after all!) Back home and back on the computer to download more music into my iPod. I have over 20 hours of music loaded into it so far. That tired me out so much, I had to take a nap! Then up again and back to the music while I waited for B to cook dinner. (tonight was his turn. we rotate every night between cooking and cleaning up) We had shrimp boiled in beer. Only thing I don't like about that is that it is so messy. And I hate having to pull all those stupid legs off! We get the shrimp fresh from our neighbor once a month. Her husband is a shrimper. And now the evening has been spent with B reading all the news fit to print on his computer, L is catching up on some work on his and I, of course, have been downloading music. Nice quiet evening at home.

Retirement is so rough.

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