Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On The Road - 5

Sunday in Merida. Always a good time. That is the day that the streets around the town plaza are closed to traffic and downtown becomes a festival. And this happens every week!

The town square and the streets bordering it are also filled with vendors selling goods of every description. I wanted my sister to see this, although the last few times I had been there, I was not impressed. It was mostly tourist junk and nothing original was to be found. My how it has changed! There were all kinds of interesting things to see and buy.

Clothing was a big item. A lot of appeared to be handmade and some of it was absolutely beautiful. Complicated stitchwork was prevalent everywhere one looked.

Every fair, festival, parade and public event in Mexico seems to have these balloon sellers on hand. I love them. They sway and bob and crinkle in the breeze, sending off flashes of light that captivate and charm.

Merida's finest protecting the crowds. I think. Or maybe they are just waiting for a phone call.

Aah, the ever present Yucatecan huipil. They were everywhere. Both on display by the vendors and beind worn by the vendors. Not to mention local shoppers. My sister loved the great variety of them as much as I do.

After several hours of this, we decided it was time to head out to our final destination before returning to the island. Tomorrow: Valledolid.


KfromMichigan said...

I love those street vendors!

Babs said...

See that lacy slip under her huipil, I didn't buy one and WHEN you come to San Miguel, I'll pay you to bring one for me. I don't care if it has lace or crochet or what - I just need a white one......ok?