Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On The Road - 3

From Izamal, we decided to take the scenic route to Progreso. I had traveled the perimeter road around Merida and the freeway many times. I wanted to try a different way and give my sister just a bit more of Mexico to look at.

From Izamal, we headed up Yucatan Route 53 to Tepakan. Then over to Teya, on to Suma de Hidalgo, ever westward to Motul and then a straight shot up to Telchac Puerto. From there it was an easy road over to Progreso, following the curve of the Gulf of Mexico.

The scenery and villages along this route are nothing majorally special. With the exception of Motul, all are medium to small villages. The scenery is mostly that scrub jungle, interspersed with the occassional heneken plantation.

We arrived in Progreso on a hot but windy afternoon.

We were able to get a room in the Condo Hotel and then set out to explore. For both Bob and myself, there is not much left to explore. We mostly wanted my sister to experience the Gulf and what other beach towns are like. (besides Isla). We had lunch under one of the seaside palapa restaurants. Nothing special, but then they never are.

Afterwards we walked the malecon and watched the crowds.

We had reservations that evening for dinner at our friend's restaurant, Progreso Pastas. We had a great meal and a lively visit with them after closing hours and then drove back to the hotel.

The next morning we had breakfast and then headed down to Merida.


KfromMichigan said...

I hope she is enjoying her visit and this fab trip you are taking her on.

Life's a Beach! said...

That wide white sand beach looks amazing!

Ann said...

The beach looks very tranquil!