Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Merida - The Regional, part 2

For me, it's not the floats that make a good parade. It's the people. And this parade has more than its' share!

Here we see a re-enactment of the Mayan culture.

Complete with the Mayan God, Choc Mool. They were even doing fake sacrifices whenever the parade stopped long enough. At least I think they were fake.

I'm not sure what speciality she is advertising for her village. Moonshine in twine wrapped bottles?

This beauty was displaying skeins of henekin, or twine, which was produced in the Yucatan on huge plantations.

Imagine the hours he spent putting this together.

I think the above guy and this girl were supposed to be some sort of Mayan deity. Just a guess on my part.

Here we have picked henekin "drying" in the sun on racks.

Irish Mayans?????

Look at the joy on these faces. Priceless.

I've saved my two favorite people for last.

The Corn Princess.

The Everyman's Princess.

So, as the tail of the parade passes by and the crowd falls in behind, we leave Merida and its' celebration of Carnaval 2012 behind. But there is always next year!

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Ann said...

All the parade photos are great--love the corn princess! Thanks for taking us along to the festivites!