Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Is It That Time Again Already?

So much has happened this past year that it seems incredible to me that Carnaval is almost upon us again! This year I intend to get as much of it as I can. Which, of course, means that you are going to get a lot of it too!

I was reminded of Carnaval while walking through Merida this past weekend. These posters, proclaiming how much fun it is all going to be, were everywhere downtown. This one really gave me a chuckle.

It's like somebody did a caricature of my carpenter's slutty wife. Looks just like her too.

This next babe looks like they just told her that she gets to be the Mayan priestess in the parade this year. The one that gets sacrificied to the screaming crowds if not enough goodies are thrown from the floats!

An interesting theme this year. New Era. Of what? Are they trying to down play some of the doomsday hype for 2012? Or maybe that's just the name that got pulled out of the hat this year. Who knows.

If you are interested in attending any of the parades in Merida this year (of which there are six!), you can take a quick run over here. Debi has laid out the whole schedule for you. I will be at one of them for sure.

I will also be trying to get some pics of our local little affair on the island. Also, a first for me this year, we will be heading up to Progreso for a Fat Tuesday dinner and party at a friend's restaurant.

Should be an exciting Carnaval year this year! Stay with me for all the developments!


Karen said...

I live in Progreso part time and noticed you are coming to Progreso for dinner on Fat Tuesday is it at Progreso Pasta? The owners are wonderful people very giving and helping in our community and the food is terrific too.

Life's a Beach! said...

Have fun! Can't wait for the report! Nice photos of those Merida signs!

Debi in Merida said...

wayne, you forgot the link!

lisa said...

You sure can tell I have been out of the loop lately. I haven't even noticed you posting. Shame on me, I had to go back and catch up.!!

KfromMichigan said...

Looking forward to the pics from carnaval .... do you have a new mask this year ?? !!